Sunday, 18 March 2012


I have not had much time to take pictures over the last week, but here are a few to give you an idea of where I am living.

This is a picture of the gorgeous view I can see from my room. Copan Ruinas is in the middle of a valley, so there are hills all around us - not unlike Abbotsford!

My home! We call it the Castle.

The view to the right of the Castle...

and the view to the left of the Castle!

We took children living in the Nueva Esperanza neighborhood to the ferria - a big fair that is going on in Copan Ruinas. The fair is to commemorate the foundation of Copan, and there have been concerts and events happening in the central park all week. I was not able to take many pictures at the ferria as it was very crowded, but hopefully this gives a bit of a glimpse of all the fun that taking a group of children to the fair can be!

I will try to take more photos as the weeks progress. Thanks for reading!


  1. :-o your house/castle is AMAZING!! It looks so charming! Your view is also quite fantastic :)
    The fair looks fun, glad you were able to get some pictures!

    1. Yes, it is charming! It is also the school where I am teaching piano :)