Saturday, 26 May 2012

Through my Camera Lens

It has been a BUSY week here in my castle home as we prepared for the Graduacion de Genesis Escuela de los Artes! The graduation happened last night, and apart from a few raindrops before the outside concert began, and a power outage halfway through the program, the event went well. The kids got to display their art and perform their music, friends and parents finally got to see what their children have been working on for the last three months, and there was food to be eaten by all!

It has been so good to see my students confidence increase over the last semester. One of my students in particular was SO SHY when the semester started. Even though she went to all the practice times and classes, and completed all her homework, she was still very shy and behind the rest of the students. She lacked the confidence to ask questions when she did not understand, and she often would just give up and guess the notes she needed to play. One week ago she told me that she did not want to perform in the final concert, and I agreed that she probably was not ready to perform in front of fifty plus people - particularly as she was too shy to perform in front of four of her classmates! But sure enough, in our last class before the concert (Thursday!) she told me that she really really wanted to perform at the graduation. We had a mini "audition" for her to see if she was ready, and she was ready indeed! It was fun to see her play "Ode to Joy" last night in front of the audience. Such a contrast from just a few weeks ago!

Here are some photos of the past week, ranging from tormentas and butterflies, to conciertos and children:

Storm clouds rolling in from the West, with sun pouring in from the East. Beauty. 

Craziest light of my life, with raindrops mingling with the sunbeams. 

TORMENTA! But really, photos just don't capture it. I had to push my door shut because of the wind, rain, and hail the size of ice cubes that were pouring in!

Cool kids eating cookies in the gorgeous post-tormenta sunlight. 
Once upon a time I found this on the wall of the Castle....

And then a few days ago I found THIS!

My piano students who were performing! I do not know why they look so miserable here. The photo below is more indicative of how they usually look. 
MUCH better :) Playing Twister Musical!

Art Students!

Sending out the invitations for the grand fiesta...

Our stage the night of the Graduacion!

I don't think that venues get better than this. 
Volunteering with Genesis has been a lot of fun, and a great learning experience. I know that I am going to miss my students! But I know that the weeks to come are sure to come with their share of adventures and excitement.

Hope you are all having a lovely May weekend!


  1. Love the pictures! The rain and sun look so gorgeous! And this last picture-looks like where we should have an outdoor music festival :)

    1. Thanks Heidi! And yes, it is a most perfect outdoor music festival location :)

  2. Lovely, Kristen. You must have felt so proud of your students. I'll share with Ernie your musical graduation. He'll be thrilled too.
    Blessings and joy to you,